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Best Guide to Buying Affordable Dog Apparel

The apparel of a dog can serve two purposes:

1. Providing dog owners a means of making their pet fashionable.

2. Protecting them against elements.

Looking for deals on apparel can create more options for them who buy different kinds of clothing to meet the requirement of protecting the doggies towards the ever changing seasons. As an owner, it is important to think about the different types of clothing before buying.

Ensure you get clothing that contains features that make it easier to clean and use before buying. These features will facilitate more care effort you are putting in, hence providing usability benefits, which many people will appreciate in the long run.

Materials Used in Dog Clothing

Designers can make use of a range of materials to produce designer pet accessories. Each kind of materials will give particular effects and benefit, and also tell when it can be used during the certain season.


During bad weather, some clothes are used to protect them, the clothes used will always get very dirty. Buyers will be on the lookout for washable clothes that can be cleaned and washed with a machine. Getting stain resistant clothes for your dog will be ideal, especially clothing items that when it comes with water contaminated with automobile oil, will be stress-free to wipe off.

Outerwear for Dogs

For dogs that spend much time outdoors, outerwear is greatly important. Clothing designers create a wide variety of jackets, coats and safety vests to meet the challenges of the weather. Pet coats can be designed specially as raincoats, providing a waterproof protection for the dog’s fur.

Tops for Pets

During chilly weather, dogs need some light clothing; dog owners can make use of shirts, sports jersey or dog sweaters to protect them. Ensure you get dog tops that include front enclosures, it makes putting on easier, but pullovers will be more of the tops. When buying pullover type of tops, it is important for dog owners whether it will fit over a dog’s head without pulling it much.

Accessories for Dogs

When shopping for accessories, pet owners can complete a dog’s outfit by adding accessories like bandanas and hats. You should observe and note if there are ways to make the accessory. To keep the accessory firm or from shifting as the dog move, bands and ties can be used to wrap the accessory.

Costumes for pets

When it is Halloween, dog owners can always look for that costume that will match theirs, thus, the dog and its owner can be seen as a team. Dog costumes let you catch some fun with their pets. The costume can also be used by dog owners for other holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Measuring a Dog for Clothes

You will always find sizes of clothes on small, medium or large dogs when shopping for apparel. Dog owners take measurements to make sure that an apparel item will fit. First of all, you should take the measurement of the widest part of a dog chest by using a tape.

Owners should then measure the length of a dog from its neck to the middle of its stomach to establish the length of tops. The owner should then measure the top of the paws, for long sleeve tops or measure the dog from the shoulder to the elbow, for short sleeve tops, in order to determine the sleeve length.

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